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About McKinney, Texas

southern home The city of McKinney continues to be recognized as one of the best community's in the United States. Recently Money Magazine recognized McKinney as the #1 Best Place to Live in America. Money Magazine wrote of the community, “In a country so full of great places, choosing the best is no easy task…Underlying McKinney’s homey Southern charm is a thoroughly modern city. The area is a hotbed for growth-industry jobs…Career and college prep are big in McKinney’s schools.”

McKinney has continually ranked high with media outlets, such as Forbes, Best Life Magazine, and CNNMoney, when considering factors, such as schools, employment, safety and crime, and overall quality of life.

Located, Just 30 miles from downtown Dallas, McKinney is a beautiful city with a feeling more in line of that of a small-town. The city is characterized by its abundant green spaces, beautiful town center, and friendly charm. The city's many wonderful characteristics form the base of McKinney's recipe for success. The town of more than 155,000 people is proud to be one of the fastest-growing cities in America.

It is apparent to many that there are a number of unique factors that come together and make McKinney such a wonderful place to call home. The city stands out from other areas in the metroplex for its charming tree-lined streets, wide array of residential neighborhoods, charming historic downtown, many outstanding educational opportunities, and a strong sense of community.

McKinney's Intriguing History

The city of McKinney is home to a rich and unique history, which continues to shape and inspire the vibrant and dynamic city to this day. Originally the region was settled by early pioneers to the area. These early settlers were granted free land by area Colonizers. Colonizers, such as William S. Peters, were commissioned by the state government to entice settlers to the area.

The region's earliest pioneers arrived by way of Oxen or horse led wagons. The pioneering people were pitted against many elements and braved many hardships. Threats from wild animals and native tribes were common. However, despite the odds, these early people braved innumerable odds in search of a better life. On the fertile Texas soil, the settlers found that earth was rich but hard. Many pioneers retreated, abandoning their claims. But, some pioneers stayed, and many more came. These early settlers established the communities, farms and commerce that were to one day become the backbone of McKinney


Early life in the region was difficult, and the area's population grew slowly. However, once the Houston and Texas Central Railroad came to the area in 1872, the area's commerce and community flourished. Over the next several decades, cotton became a major crop in the region. By 1876, there were four cotton gins located in McKinney. In 1910, the area's first textile mill, The Texas Cotton Mill Company, opened in McKinney. The city's mill has the distinction of being only one of two mills located west of the Mississippi that was able to manufacture color printed cloths.

The area also grew commercially as a large producer of corn, oat and wheat crops. The area was soon known as one of the top producers of grains in the state. The high crop yields were a stimulant for the growth of the area's grain processing industry. In 1892, one of the region's first mills was established; the mill was operational until the 1970s. Today, McKinney continues to exhibit growth in the grain processing industry.

Today, History lives on in McKinney's many historical buildings. One such building is the city's original Collin County Courthouse. Located within the historic downtown square, the historic building stands as a reminder of the city's long and rich history. Today the Courthouse is known as the McKinney Performing Arts Center (MPAC). The performing arts venue is home to a 480-seat theater and features a reception hall, rehearsal space, auditorium, and several classrooms.

In McKinney

McKinney is a beautiful city with many fantastic options for homebuyers. The city offers a range of options in real estate, including great starter homes in fantastic neighborhoods, historic Victorian-era homes on a quiet streets, easy to maintain condos, lofts with city views and multi-million-dollar mansions in a master-planned communities. You will find, life in McKinney has something special to offer everyone.

shop The city's historic downtown square is a charming space which offers residents more than 120 boutiques, unique shops and restaurants. From award-winning restaurants and fine dining to quaint coffee shops and outdoor bistros, McKinney has options palatable for even the most picky of eaters. For those who love shopping McKinney offers an array of wonderful local shops, including delightful antique and specialty shops, as well as shops that sell gifts and apparel.

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